1. In order to enforce your victory, you must be committed physically, spiritually and mentally to God’s work.
– No one enjoys victory until he Is committed to any task given to him.
– To have results, you must be ready to be committed.
2. In order to enforce your victory, you must learn to face your problems.
– Victory does not come in the place of discouragement.
– The problem you have is not meant to destroy you but to give an opportunity for you to be introduced by God and to create a success story for yourself.
– Every challenge has two sides to it; either to demoralize you (weigh you down) or to motivate you.
– Necessity is the mother of invention. This means until there is a need, there won’t be a way.
– Therefore, you must rise to create a way in the midst of rocks.
3. You need wisdom if you must enjoy all-round victory (Psalm 104:24).
– It took God wisdom to create the world out of nothing.
– Many people are struggling due to lack of wisdom; you think that money is the first thing you need in life but it is actually the last thing you need.
– Wisdom is the principal thing you need in life (Ecclesiastes 7:11).
– The greatest need in your life is the need of wisdom.
– The arrival of Jesus in your life is the arrival of wisdom.
– You don’t need to ask for wisdom because wisdom is already resident in you.
1. Look to God (1Corinthians 1:30)
2. To look inwardly.
– You must succeed in what you can do, not in what you cannot do just to impress people.
3. Appreciate others who carries what you need.
– The tools that we use to overcome the world are our faith and honest believe we have in Christ.
– The fourth thing you need to enforce your victory is persistence.
– God has done it all for you but you need to enforce the gift.
– The fact that you have fallen doesn’t mean you can’t rise again.
– Be determined; never be weary in taking another step because victory is assured.
– Every problem has expiry date; don’t expire before your problem.
– Nobody becomes great without trying again and again.
– Every little problem you encounter is a sign that God has a major plan for you.
– It takes a persistent heart to be able to live victoriously.
– It takes a tireless spirit to enforce his victory and to announce a new beginning.


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